Pay by Check - Please make all checks payable to "JSMW"

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 4548, Silver Spring, MD 20914

Donate online via Paypal

You may pick an amount to automatically pay toward New Temple fund.  The funds will be applied toward General Donation that you may use towards various labhs in the future or apply towards Founders' Fund.

Donation Options

Prefer to submit a recurring donation form to our treasurer instead?  We understand.  Use This Form

If your employer matches the donations, please select JSMW as a beneficiary.  See the instructions on how to select JSMW as the United Way charity.

If you like to shop on Amazon, JSMW has registered with AmazonSmile where 0.5% of your shopping expenses get donated to the JSMW temple fund!  Click here for instructions to link JSMW to your Amazon account